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>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

I came to realize today that life is not being happy at all, that life is not meant to be lived or enjoyed by just merely being able to eat, sleep at the comforts of our bed, being able to buy material things or to share it with everyone. Even when you lend a helping hand or when you share your blessings to those in need, life is not just defined that way.

Few years ago, that's my realization about life - enjoying my successful career, active in church, going to places everyone dreams of, happy-go-lucky, and complicating myself. In short, life few years back was everything lax and casual.

Then i came to meet the gift i never knew i would treasure for the rest of my life, a gift from high heavens that cannot be traded with the pleasures and certainties of life.

When we started living life as one, we went through hardships, physically because we were meant to live life apart, emotionally because we have to share love through fidelity, trust and promises through the technology of communication, and the joy of sacrificial responsibility of becoming parents to provide the future needs of our kids.

I have left the kind I life I admired before, quitted my job, forgot my friends I shared life with, the luxury of urban living and even closed my doors to possibilities of working abroad. Afraid though, I settled my mind to take up the challenge of living a new life that is completely a stranger to me- a life of becoming one with the man I love, a life full of fears and a life full of hard decisions to make each day. Fears such as- can i meet the needs of the man I love, can I still be productive or will I be a good mother, a wife, still a good daughter to my parents or will I be happy with the simplicities and basics of life? Or will I still be that strong woman when life shatters? They say, marriage life is something you can never tell, it’s like a wind you can never predict, sometimes calm, breezy or worst- stormy.

But being with the man I love so much, all these fears about life suddenly turned into courage. I began to embrace my new life with joy, simplicities of life became a sweet taste in my tongue. I also discovererd that living in this town is a total tranquil to my soul and a stress-free environment, the new circle of friends gave me always a youthful glow and living life with my close families brought delightful aura in me.

What’s most surprising is that I never knew that this motherhood kind of life turned me upside down with so much happiness and contentment. Apart from being happy with the man I love, motherhood completes me! I feel like there’s nothing I could I ask for more! It’s a kind of life one can never describe nor give words to it… its totally undescribable! I had never regrets of jumping into this kind of life.

This is the kind of life everyone should live on. It even brought me to the real scenario of learning how to rightfully share blessings to those who are in need. I learned how to value compassion because life in this small town is a hard kind of living. Eventhough I have left my flourishing career then, I tried hard to revived it in other ways and im also enjoying it now. I knew I have finally found my niche in my career life and at the same time earning from it.

Life is a journey not to complete but fulfill the task that was ordered and commissioned by God before we take our last breath. And the grandest revelation of all, life is a love between us that contains pure elements of trust and reliance and secret conveyance that made it entirely unique and different from all other forms of love. A love that possesses genuine language that only the two of us can understand.

And when life sometimes blew in storms, the man which God had entrusted to me always reminds me to take on the strength to endure pain, depressions and hardships. He was and will always be my fortress that covers me from the strong winds of life. And if someone again would ask me to define what is life all about, I would truthfully say- This man is entirely my life!


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