Tiny Strong Hands

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

July 13, 2006

She was already fast asleep and with my usual routine of kissing her hand before i sleep, I began to realize that she has fully grown into a toddler.. How time flies so fast. She's already a big girl and it saddens me somehow.. i want to keep her as my baby forever. I could still remember the way i hold her gently in my one hand alone but time has molded her into a big little wonder kid.

Her cute tiny hand i used to kiss and cuddle before as i patiently teach her how to do the "close-open" trick was now a strong hand that often tags me along as we walk and pulls me down everytime she wants to reach something.

Wow! I can't really believe it.. The mischievous hand that used to pull away and break my bracelet is now wearing a ring and a Hello Kitty watch on her wrist. It is now a hand that spanks whenever she's mad and points out towards something everytime she can't express it. A hand that loves pencil and paper and creates circles, lines, alphabets and numbers.

The hand that freely directs a glass of water towards her tiny mouth without spilling its liquid content and this is the same hand that perfectly hold the spoon when she's eating.

The hand that pinches Papa's ears everytime she rides on the motorbike and this is the marvelous hand now that holds her pink bag everytime we stroll. The hand that points out to the photo album everytime she wants to gaze at her Daddy's pictures.

And the most amazing of all- this is the hand that never gets tired of hugging and embracing Mom and Dad all the time!


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