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>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let me define spellbinder...

spell·bind·er (splbndr)n. - an orator, a speechmaker, a speechifier, who can hold his listeners spellbound

Okay. In short, she's Yaedah Zackarie. My 4-year-old daughter who captivates everyone with her words. She's so fond of talking anything under the sun and sometimes, folks would often misquote her as "parang matanda" because her verbal reasoning and judgments sounds close to a 30-year-old mother. She never gets tired of chitchatting..Dont ever dare to tell gossip when she's in front coz she'll gonna broadcast your secrets to anyone. (LOL) She certainly has the ability at the very young age to analyze information and solve problems using a language-based reasoning.

They say that the average age at which a child will speak three word sentences is 23 months. But Yaedah mesmerized us with her usual three word sentences at 14 months- words such as " "yaw ko yan", mimi (short for mommy) sama ako, amam na ako (kakain na ako).. She always enthralled us with her nursery rhymes and songs at the age of 1 year and 8months old, a drama princess by the age of two, a teacher who always scold her two-year-old cousin Xavier at the age of three and a fascinating story teller at the age of 4. A smart kid!

No wonder, she's truly a spellbinder that casts smiles, !aughter and fun to us.. A gift from God!

Be spellbound with her vids:


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